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I first came to London on the trail of Sherlock Holmes, and for reasons that do not need exploring at this juncture, I have remained attached as Lieutenant with the Baker Street Babes.

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Only Lovers Left Alive - Tom Hiddleston Interview (by Torrilla)

I love this interview.

In the war film, a soldier can hold his buddy—as long as his buddy is dying on the battlefield. In the western, Butch Cassidy can wash the Sundance Kid’s naked flesh—as long as it is wounded. In the boxing film, a trainer can rub the well-developed torso and sinewy back of his protege—as long as it is bruised. In the crime film, a mob lieutenant can embrace his boss like a lover—as long as he is riddled with bullets. Violence makes the homoeroticism of many “male” genres invisible; it is a structural mechanism of plausible deniability.

Brintnall, Kent L.; Tarantino’s incarnational theology: Reservoir Dogs, crucifixions and spectacular violence  (via ramsayosbolton)

Bloody hell I NEED THIS BOOK.


Reservoir Dogs

aw yay I was looking for this pic!


Reservoir Dogs

aw yay I was looking for this pic!

I'm a cop.




I'm sorry.




so sorry.

brb crying forever

Seriously, holy crap, I CAN’T GET OVER THIS FILM OKAY

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“Slash is what happens when you take away the glass.”



Excuse me while I die.

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Because @flawedamythyst reminded me that this was a thing that happened, I just thought I’d put this here.

Good morning everyone.



I know it’s probably a cliche by now, by we can’t have HCL Day without THIS, can we? 

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I love it when Tumblr folk find new ways to explore this wonderful site lol.

holy fucking cow tits did that just happen 

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SHAM 2013 - Yeah, I’m doing this again, with the help of justlikeluna and clare_nce from LiveJournal.

If you want to come, or if you have any questions, PLEASE EMAIL ME at . I can’t stress how important that is. We need at least a rough idea of the numbers because this thing involves making bookings at two pubs and a restaurant, and I need everyone’s email address so that I have one unified way of contacting people because I won’t be able to keep track of who I need to message on tumblr, who on twitter and who on LJ.


Here it is! SHAM 2013! Our amazing Ardy is taking the helm once again for this fabulous Sherlock Holmes anniversary meet-up, in honour of Holmes & Watson meeting. All the details can be found at and make sure you RSVP! But here’s some info, though please note all updates will be on the livejournal post before they’ll be here.

We now have the Sherlock Holmes Walk with Richard IV booked for 11 am on Saturday January 26, starting from Embankment tube station. (NOTE: yes, I do mean 11am, not 10 am as that was too early for the non-Londoners.)

Afterwards we have a space reserved at the Montagu Pyke, which is in Tottenham Court Road. The walk ends near the Sherlock Holmes Pub and Embankment Station, so you can get the Northern Line - people from outside London may want to buy Travelcards rather than Return tickets.

After that, we can split up and you can either go to Baker Street or to Speedy’s or to the Museum of Gruesome History thing that was suggested.

Once I have an idea of numbers, I’ll book somewhere for dinner. Most likely Bella Italia, if there’s a lot of people. There’ll be a Sherlockian quiz during dinner :)

We’re still working on something for the Sunday, but so far it looks like it’ll just involve reserving a space at the Sherlock Holmes pub so that the people who are still around can hang out and talk.